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Mars Generation

  As we enter the “Mars Era”, the future of learning should not be limited in conventional classrooms.  HASSE Space School uses space development as a theme and teaches students survival skills for the future through simulated scenarios.  The classrooms are set within NASA, prestigious universities, and space technology companies. HASSE also invites astronauts, scientists, and engineers to share their visions and experiences. We aim to inspire students to broaden their horizons and develop their comprehensive abilities.

  • NASA based classrooms

  • Makerspace spurred innovation

  • Collaboration and Crisis Management

  • Motivational Speakers

  • Certified by NASA Astonaut

  • Global Networking

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The Best STEM and Leadership Program

HASSE Junior Space School is a program full of dreams and imaginations. We make learning fun and at the same time, to develop students’ competitiveness beyond their academic scores. Throughout this program, each student can fully utilize their creativity, discover their dreams, push themselves beyond the limits, and have their breakthroughsStudents are challenged by a myriad of courses and activities including space missions, astronaut training simulations, making rockets, building habitats on the moon, dissecting sharks, and flying experiences at NASA, Ellington Field and Texas A&M.


Learn from Role Models

HASSE has a strong belief in learning from role models who are experts in the fields of biology, medicine, space, engineering, and life science. These role models share their experiences and life stories with students to inspire their passions.

Growth & Development

HASSE guides students to develop character traits. Through the program, students learn to be independent and gain problem-solving skills. With daily activities and self-reflections, students get to present, share, compliment, and encourage each other to bring the team and oneself to the next level. HASSE Junior Space School is the program that will raise students’ expectations towards the future and acquire the above and beyond competencies.

Exclusive Activities

Students will discover human space explorations and explore NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where they see the latest space development facilities and robots, such as the Mission Control Center, Robonaut, and the NASA vehicle mockup training facility.

program info

  • Houston, Texas

  • Duration –

  • Grade 5 – Grade 9

  • Deadline –

Program Fee

$ 7999

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