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Mars Generation

Designed by Russian astronauts, scientists, and engineers, HASSE Russian Space School immerses students into learning real-world scenarios and field survival skills at the Global Space Mission Center in Star City. With differences in cultural, historical, geographical, and political backgrounds, the United States and Russia have developed vary thinking patterns in the field of science and engineering. 

  • Program in the Restricted Areas

  • Collaboration and Crisis Management

  • Resource Management

  • Certified by Cosmonaut

  • Global Networking


Genuine STEM Applications

Students get to live and experience training that real cosmonauts go through. Utilizing the facilities and equipment in the International Space Station (ISS) modules, students will practice a re-entry mission using the space medical concepts learned, as well as taking pictures from the ISS. These practical courses and activities will provide students with the most genuine STEM experience!

Learn from mission experts

The program is delivered by trainers of cosmonauts, space scientists, and engineers. They will demonstrate wilderness survival skills, explain life support devices, introduce ISS modules and skills in docking, as well as space scientists expound on Russia’s vision for space exploration.

Exclusive access 

HASSE Russia Space School takes place in a restricted area, Star City. Upon approval by Roscosmos in advance, students will be able to join the program. Students will be staying at the dorm that accommodates cosmonauts and use the facilities, equipment, and devices that are used in real-life trainings.

An insight into Russia

With in-depth learning from both scientific and cultural perspectives, HASSE guides students to have an insightful learning experience from religion, history, art, architecture and politics in one of the super powers. Centers of Russian’s spirit, religion, and politics, as well as space heritage.

program info

  • Moscow, Star City, Russia

  • temporarily unavailable

  • Grade10 ~ College

  • Deadline