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Mars Generation

  As we enter the “Mars Era”, the future of learning should not be limited in conventional classrooms.  HASSE Space School uses space development as a theme and teaches students survival skills for the future through simulated scenarios.  The classrooms are set within NASA, prestigious universities, and space technology companies. HASSE also invites astronauts, scientists, and engineers to share their visions and experiences. We aim to inspire students to broaden their horizons and develop their comprehensive abilities.

  • Mock astronaut trainings

  • NASA based classrooms

  • Makerspace spurred innovation

  • Collaboration and Crisis Management

  • Motivational Speakers

  • Certified by NASA Astronaut

  • Global Networking

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The Best STEM and Leadership Program

A program with motivational courses designed to inspire students and spur creativity. We provide a high-standard educational program with an inspiring curriculum combining scientific and managerial principles. Based on its unique program design HASSE Space School incorporates problem-based learning, case studies, creative development, and management training with an inspired curriculum presented in an exceptional environment.

Engaging Personal Development Program

Students will simulate a $600-million-dollar NASA project; they will learn to allocate resources effectively in order to accomplish their designated missions within a limited timeframe. Students will be exposed to not only technical gains but also the business mindset of budgeting.

Inspiring Career Development Sessions

HASSE Space School invites NASA engineers, scientists, and managers to give professional and exciting presentations to students. Through these interactions with the special guests, students are driven to discover their potentials, to dream big, and to reach their goals.

Exclusive Space Science Activities

From the core of NASA, students will engage in simulated projects such as mission to Mars and make insightful discussions with the best minds of NASA. Students also get to visit the International Space Station module, design the Mars exploration rover, launch rockets, visit the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, Mission Control Centers, and much more.

classic program

  • Houston, Texas

  • Duration –

  • Grade10 ~ College

  • Deadline

summer program (Virtaul)

  • Duration –

  • Grade10 ~ College

  • Deadline 14 days prior to the first class
    * Due to operating hours of launch base facilities and weather conditions, HASSE reserves the right to adjust or change the course


$ 7999

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