• Understand the basic principals of rocketry

  • Formulate rocket plans as a team

  • Collaborate with teammates to build and launch a rocket

  • Blend theoretical principles with actual constructions

  • Live lectures and actual rocket launch via online webinar

  • HASSE Sub-Orbital Rocketry Certificate

Course description

Rocketworkz® online course, Go Beyond, is a highly engaging and entertaining class that moves quickly through the basic principals of sub-orbital flight, designs, the physical/virtual building of a rocket, the actual launch of the missile, and the resulting data analysis. Throughout these six weeks, fascinating rocket history, rocketeer vocabulary, and high-power rocketry flying will be presented and demonstrated. There will be sub-orbital rocket tips and tricks that are not available via a basic store-bought kit or in any general classrooms.

The ability to join the instructor via live lectures as he travels on-site to the space industry and rocket landmarks, including actual launches and interviews, is an added bonus for students who would not otherwise be able to see the “insider’s view” at various locations throughout the USA.




There are two parts to this online course: a one-hour live lecture taught by the rocket expert via online webinar and after class group discussions/forum.


Join forces on & offline:

There will be weekly live and recorded lectures, discussion forum, additional instructor recommended videos by rocketry leaders and events, and suggested supplemental reading.

Learning environment

Effective e-learning :

Students will be engaged in small group environment to learn, design, and discuss. With the help of the instructor, one design will be printed out, assembled, and launched in the restricted area. Advanced courses may be available after completion of this course.

Follow-up Course

field trip:

After completing the online course, students have the option to visit Houston, home of Johnson Space Center, private sectors with the most advanced space technology in the field of civil rocketry, or continue the online series of Rocketworkz.

Christopher Texler

Owner of Phoenix Sub-Orbitals, focusing on unique rocket designs/schematics, builds, launches, data analysis and flight computers.National Rocketry Association Level One High Power Rocketry certification. Feature Speaker and panel speaker member at high-level professional AIAA sponsored ASCEND Conference.

A 16-year-old Arizona State University Astronomical and Planetary Sciences/Space & Earth Exploration major, who has also worked for supporting NASA  education program.


National Rocketry Association Level One High Power Rocketry certification.

NASA Space Center Houston education program instructor

Member of NASA/Houston Rocket Club

Member of Sun Devil Astronautics club and solid propellent sub-team leader

Member and featured speaker at Prescott Astronomy Club

Relevant memberships with AOPA, AIAA, EAA, and TXRX

Former honors student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Astronomical and Planetary Sciences B.S. degree in progress at ASU.

Go Beyond!
Age 12-18
Duration  Every Tue. and Fri.
7:30 AM to 8:30 AM Central Time
Class  Aug. 11 – 28, 2020 

Cost $ 599

Rocketworkz Online Program
Limited Offer $499