Mars Generation

As we enter the “Mars Era”, the future of learning should not be limited in conventional classrooms.  HASSE Space School uses space development as a theme and teaches students survival skills for the future through simulated online scenarios.  HASSE also invites astronauts, scientists, and engineers to share their visions and experiences virtually. We aim to inspire students to broaden their horizons and develop their comprehensive abilities.

  • HASSE Theme of the Day®

  • Daily reflection

  • NASA & Industry Experts

  • Team X Prize

  • Facilitated sessions by HASSE staff

  • Group Discussions


A Unique Online STEM and Leadership Program

An online program with motivational courses designed to inspire students and spur creativity. Students will be engaged in small group environment to learn, design, and discuss with the help of the instructor and mentors.

After completing the online program, students have the option to visit Houston, home of Johnson Space Center, and private sectors with the most advanced space technology in aerospace industry.

Director of Research Development,
Blue Origin

Dr. Liz Warren


Roland Nedelkovich

Russian Private Space Company

N. Voynarovskiy

Center For Space Architecture

Dr. Olga Bannova

NASA Communicator,
Flight Instructor

Irwin Steward

Engaging Personal Development Program

Students will be engaged in projects where they will learn to allocate resources within a limited timeframe. Students will be exposed to not only technical gains but also the business mindset of project managing.

Inspiring Career Development Sessions

HASSE Space School invites NASA engineers, scientists and professionals to give exciting presentations to students. Through these interactions with the special guests, students are driven to discover their potentials, to dream big, and to reach their goals.

Unique Course Experience

There will be live and recorded lectures and discussion forums with suggested supplemental readings. After the completion of the course, students have the option to visit Houston, where virtual images from this online course turn into physical locations and people.


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program info

  • Duration:
    The Program Has Four Sessions In the Weekends, In Two Consecutive Weeks, by Zoom and other Apps.

  • Every Weekend:
    See Timetable Below For Different Time Zones.
    Jan 27, Jan 28,
    Feb 3, Feb 4, 2023 (CDT)

  • Applicants:
    16 Years and Above
    (College Students Preferable)

  • Deadline & Notes:
    3 days prior to the first class.
    *HASSE reserves the right to adjust or change the curriculum and speakers. 

program fee

  • Program Fee: US$1299